Best wishes afterwards XD

Here's the final picture now. I tried to work with textures <3

I guess it's too late for Xmas wishes, so I hope all of you had some nice christmas-days with your family ♥

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Lil' late X-mas tribute WIP

It's a small picture that was planned for this years christmas, but atm it's hard for me to draw something in general. I got all the stuff I needed for doing pc-colorations, but I first have to learn the handling of my tablet again. It works very well now, and I'm very, very happy about it. I don't think it should take a long time until I'll work on a bigger pc-colorated picture again. :)

Well I hope you like this lil' preview. Thanks for watching this sketchblog! <33

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Traditional Animation 1

Keine Ahnung, bin halb tot und no mood for writing in english text höhöhöhö mit dem Text habe ich doch was in englisch geschrieben. Hoffe ihr liked die Animations.


Out of the book!

Today I scanned most of the stuff that was drawn during the last weeks and hosted in my sketchbook. 'cause I always draw any other character more often than aishiro -who's the maincharacter and also a mascot- I decided to put more of him on this site.

Some pictures were overpainted with photoshop, 'cause I like the combination that much! <3


Haha xD I like the one above, even if it looks kinda weird in my opinion~

This one is also one of my favs. The expression came out as well as I wanted and his lil' wings are very cute (at least I'm thinking they are :3)

This lil' guy was drawn in university during the animation course and I like him very much. He's supposed to look like the tiny version of Shouthus, but he's an completly different character :)

And no: He don't like roses. I only want to draw them

The last character on this picture belongs to Near. He's called Nate as you can see and Shou is something like... very... very... VERY... addicted to him °___° Their characteristics don't fit together, but I like the idea of them being by the side of each other.

At this point: Thank you very much, my dear followers, for looking at my stuff and watching this blog. ♥

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Nightfall (Artwork)

Some of you may already know about this piece but I really, really like how this con-hon-entry turns out and I wanna show the result to you, dear followers, too :)

It's been a long time since I'd drawn a real fanart without my OCs or some characters I made up by myself so I hope you'll like it :B

BTW it's a picture for Near. She already know about it and I guess she likes it. I've drawn it for her 'cause she's a very good friend of mine and helped me a lot during the last weeks/months. Thanks, ma dear :3

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