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Last night I got the feeling that I've to draw something and at least I did. This time I wanted to draw something digital in Painttool Sai. I'm not that pleased with the result, but I think it could have been worser °w°

Kanjiro & Lan

The following video is another university project. We have to create an small animatic to the theme "unexpeted". Here you can watch the movie which my group created for this topic :)

I would be very pleased about some Feedback! <3

Regards, Ais ♥


Another couple of animations

I finally got two more videos of the drawing for animation course ^_^
Both were done at the same time, as the video of Lan and Aishiro (a few post before this entry) were ♥

Much fun with this lil' animations :)


What am I doing here...

Heya Folks!
A sign of life of an slowly overworked student |D
Nah, just joking, but I really have had a lot of stuff to do in the last time... bah! One last exam next week, another presentation, but than: HOLIDAYS (or something like this).

Well, I hope you hadn't forget about me and my blog, 'cause I'm really worried about losing this part of my virtuel life (since it becomes that important for me over the last years QuQ"). Atm it's not very easy for me to create new stuff or just think about working on BBS or create a few artworks, 'cause there's so much stuff to think about! At this point: A big SORRY to everyone who's still waiting for something (like Kakaos, Letters, Pictures.... OTL)!

I always want to get all this stuff done to concentrate on my personal work, but instead I get the feeling that this huge load of work is growing and growing and growing and everybody in the internet becomes mad about me ;___;" (which I can understand! I hate myself for this, too....)

But well.. since my blog should be a blog with a log of images (or at least one picture per post) I picked a few of the less drawings, I did for/during university. Hopefully you enjoy them, even if they aren't that stunning.


For the beginning a short Stop-Motion-Animation I did with my Workshop Group a few weeks ago. We were split into groups of 2~3 students to build puppets of own characters and create a short Movie. For this we were allowed to use everything of background-decoration we can find (the workshop tooks place in a real Stop-Motion studio, so it was easy to find stuff for our set. BTW: We worked shoulder on shoulder with the creators to the "Sandman" and it was very exciting!)

In the End this short movie was created by me and my group and I'm very pleased with the result (also thanks to some other co-students who helped us during their break! :3).

This animation isn't meant to be taken serious. It's a "Just for Fun"-Production. (^_^)

And as promised: Some sketchie pencil scraps, too!

See you next post! - Ais ♥